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Bangladesh is a land of art. Art is the way of living for the mass people in this country. One could go on and on about how vast the scope of art is in Bangladesh. In fact, each and every object that is used in daily life represents the art of Bangladesh.
We at Gallery Jolrong believe that it is our responsibility to participate in the development and promotion of talented artist and their art work those who represent Bangladesh by their vision and creativity. So we created and brought this gallery to you with the desire to diffuse the passion for the art of Bangladesh within the global community.  Our goal is to make Bangladeshi art, exclusively native art, accessible to anyone in any corner of the earth. And in this way we harness the talent of artists in order to bring you a treasure house of Bangladeshi artworks. We started our journey through our web gallery in 2007. Since then we are working on Bangladeshi artists to expose and promote them in the Global art market and in local market as well. Now beside web portal we exist physically to encourage art and artist of Bangladesh and also make an exposure to introduce real Bangladeshi art.

Our major act and vision is to be a representation of thoughts, philosophy, nature and life of Bangladesh through the art of talented local artists.

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Our goal is to make Bangladeshi art, exclusively […]

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